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We are interested in sharing the use cases of intelligence experiences with people interested in the broad topic of "AI" across the UK, and we want to do this through a series of events that cut through the [email protected]!t.

An essential part of us running these events is to showcase the work of all people and backgrounds. However, we would like to be transparent, and we are struggling to get responses or interest from a wide diversity of people. So we have launched a call for speakers to hopefully spread the awareness of AI WTF events and their need for speakers but also as a way for potential speakers to contact us and let us know what we can do to make the events more inclusive and diverse.

If you’re a seasoned speaker or this is your first time, please get in touch. If you're new to speaking, we can assist you with prep and practice.

* Even though these events are free we are able to cover travel costs for speakers. You can see a agenda for the day here

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